5 Ways You Can Make Money If You Can Play An Instrument

make money with instruments

If you play a musical instrument, I have some great ways in which you can make money. Now the possibilities are endless, and you can turn your hobby into a profession or just a way to make some side passive income. I personally own a lot of different guitars, and since i am a fingerstyle player, i recommend you look for fingerstyle guitars too. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways.

5. Make Tutorial Videos On YouTube

Youtube is a great platform. You can upload whatever you want into it. If you are a professional guitar player, you can record some guitar playing tips & tricks and techniques and share them on YouTube. If you upload enough videos, you will eventually start getting subscribers, views and build a follower base. After you have a followers base, your views will increase and you will start making money from advertisements. That’s a great way to make some passive income. There are many different guitar playing techniques that you can master, so pick one that works for you and stick with it.

4. Make Song Cover Videos

Another great way you can use YouTube to make some extra money is to learn and play popular songs. For example, if you are a guitar player, you can do some covers of popular bands such as Metallica, System of a down and more. If you go to YouTube right now, and search for covers of your favorite song, you will see that they get millions of views. If you can play the guitar well, just record a few songs and upload them to YouTube. If they are good enough, they will start getting views and you will earn a good amount of money from ads.

3. Online Lessons

There are some great platforms on the internet which you can use to sell lessons. I always use the guitar as an example, so we’ll stick with it. Online guitar courses are very popular online, and people search for them all the time. Platforms such as Upwork & Fiverr can help you find potential students that you can sell online lessons to. You can do that over Skype or Facetime if you have an iPhone.

2. Create Your Own Music

If you are good at playing an instrument, and you have some skills in writing, then you can create your own music. There are hundreds of self-made artists that got popular by uploading their songs on YouTube and Spotify. The internet is such a powerful tool that you don’t need a record label or anything to get popular. If you are good enough, people will find you and you will eventually become very popular. That’s why, if you are good at writing and playing, you can make your own music and upload them online.

1. Create Stock Music

Another good way is to create stock music. You can sell those on websites such as AudioJungle. People buy stock music so they can use them as background music on their videos or other clips. Just go to AudioJungle and you will see that there are hundreds of different stock music songs with thousands of buyers on each of them.

I hope this article helped you get some new ideas to make money with a musical instrument. Of course, there are many different ways, and we will keep updating the list as time goes by. That’s why, make sure you check back each week for new ways!

What To Look For When Buying An Acoustic Guitar

Buying your first guitar is pretty hard, since they are not common everyday items that you can just pick and stick with. Each guitar has different materials, sizes, build quality and more. That’s why, before buying your first guitar you need to know a few things.

Things To Look For

The Size

The size is one of the most important things you should really be careful about. If you’re a small guy, getting a big guitar will make it very uncomfortable to play, and you won’t be able to use the guitar to its full potential. That’s why, the best way to know which guitar size is the best for you is to go to your local guitar store and take a few of them on your hand and see how they fit. This is especially very important for children. Parents usually don’t know the difference and they buy a full-sized guitar to their 9-year-old boy or girl, and they never get to play it.

The Material

You should be very careful about the material of the guitar. The most popular materials used on acoustic guitars are Maple, Sapele, Mahogany and Rosewood. They can be used for their fretboard, backs & sides or the top of the guitar. Each wood is different from the other, and you need to know exactly what combination to buy to get the sound outcome you want. The best way to do that would again be to go to your local guitar dealer and pick up 2 or 3 guitars to see how they sound.

Electric or Acoustic

This is definitely the most popular question that i hear from beginners. They see their favorite bands play the electric guitar but they think that its very hard, so they go with an acoustic guitar. This is somewhat true, but not always. Personally, i think that the acoustic guitar is harder to learn to play, but once you learn it, you will be able to play the electric guitar without a problem. The main reason why i prefer the acoustic guitar over the electric one is because it is easier to carry around and you don’t need additional accessories such as amps, cables and other things.

That’s why, if you’re just starting out, i would highly recommend you go with an acoustic guitar. Once you master it, you can transition to an electric guitar.

The Brands

This is also very important. There are a lot of knock-off and Chinese guitar brands out there that make very cheap guitars that will break in less than a month. Guitars from brands such as Martin, Taylor, Fender, and Seagull maybe cost a bit more, but they definitely are higher quality and will last you longer. Those brands also have some great acoustic guitars under $200. Some of them even get better with age because of their wood material. To be on the safer side, buy a guitar from one of the following brands:

  • Martin
  • Fender
  • Yamaha
  • Taylor
  • Seagull

Used vs New Guitars

If budget is not a problem, then the answer is clear: New. However, if you’re on a budget and want to get a high-end guitar, it would be smart to buy an used acoustic guitar that has been carefully handled. You can look for one on websites such as eBay and Craigslist. People often sell very good quality used guitars for good prices, so check the listings once a week maybe you can find a gem.

How To Take Photos With Your Favorite Music Artists

taking photos with celebrities

So, we’ve all been there. We go to a concert and want to take a photo with our favorite artists or bands, but that’s almost impossible because of the huge crowds of people and security guards. I’ve been trying many different ways to approach celebrities so i can take a photo with them, and i came up with some great ways to do it. Let’s take a look at them:

Where To Find Music Celebrities

1. Use Instagram

I basically stalk my favorite celebrities 24/7 on Instagram. I live in a very big city and celebrities can be spotted on the public very often. Some celebrities like to post their locations on Instagram while they travel. The most popular one is that they post the cafe they’re in or a monument they’re at. If you can get the timing right, you can see them and approach them to ask to take a picture with them

2. Concert Signing Sessions

This is the easiest and the best way to do it. Most concerts have VIP tickets which you can buy to go backstage and do a meet and greet with the artist/celebrity. During that time, you will be able to get autographs, take pictures or ask them questions. You should follow your artists event calendar and try to find an event that they offer this on. If you spot one, act fast to buy it because they run out very fast.

3. Meet & Greets

Some artists like to do monthly or yearly meet and greets. You can follow your favorite artists and see when they are hosting a meet and greet.

How To Act Around Them

1. They Are Humans Too

When you approach a celebrity, don’t forget that they are humans too. They are not obliged to take photos with you and they do not owe you anything, so if you approach them in a non-cultural way, prepare to be ignored. Celebrities get stormed by hundreds of fans every day when they go in public, and most of them are probably tired of that.

2. Try To Be Kind

I know it’s hard to control your emotions when you meet your favorite celebrity for the first time, but you should try to stay calm and act normal. If you approach them with nice words such as “Sorry, is it possible that we can take a photo together?” They will most likely say yes, since it takes less than 3 seconds of their time and they know that it will make your day.

If you don’t know what i mean, just search on Youtube for ‘Justin Bieber in public’ and you will see girls screaming ‘OMG JUSTIN’ all the time. He ignores most of them, so try to not be like them.

3. Be prepared for a ‘No’

If you see your favorite celebrity on the street and when you ask them for something they say ‘No’, don’t take it personally. As i said earlier those celebrities get hundreds of photo and autograph requests every day, and some of them may be tired of it or just not having a good day. So if someone says “no” to you, don’t take it personally, just say “Okay i apologize, thanks” and move on.

There you have it, i hope this article will help you find you favorite celebrities and take pictures with them!

How Music Can Help You Reduce Stress

We all live dynamic lives, and we get stressed often. Work, Kids, House chores and other things all make us very stressful and we need something to reduce the stress.

After coming home from a long day at work, the best thing you could do to reduce stress is to listen to music or play music. There are many difference musical instruments which can help you achieve that, and most of them are very easy to learn and don’t cost too much to buy.

Here are my favorite musical instruments:

The guitar

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments out there, and learning to play it is pretty easy. There are many different models and brands you can choose from with price ranges from $100 to $3000. I personally started learning to play the guitar by myself using tutorials on YouTube and the web. You can just search for your favorite song with the addon ‘guitar tutorial’ and you will get hundreds of results.

The best part about the guitar is that you can take it with you wherever you go, and you don’t need any additional equipment to play it. Just pick it up when you’re bored and start playing it!

The Piano/Keyboard

Most people confuse these two. The difference between a piano and a keyboard is that the piano is large, and the keyboard is smaller and most of the time it is powered by electric. These vary in prices too. A high-end piano can cost you up to $10,000, and the cheapest Keyboard you can get is probably around $300-500. Learning to play the keyboard is also easy, and it can be done by following tutorials on YouTube.

Unfortunately, they are not travel-friendly and you have to store them somewhere to be able to play them. This is true especially with large pianos.


The easiest, and the smallest one in this list. The flute can be learned by almost everyone, no matter your age or gender. That’s why, when someone asks me what instrument they should learn first i always tell them to learn to play the flute because it’s the easiest and you can pack it on your bag so you can play it wherever you go. To learn to play it you don’t even need to follow any tutorials. All you have to do is start blowing into it and you will figure it out!


The ukulele is pretty similar to the guitar, but it’s usually smaller and easier to learn to play. It usually sounds a bit deeper than an acoustic guitar and its great for beach parties and ‘summer songs’. I like the ukulele because it can be played by your kids while you are not using it. I recommend getting a ukulele if you have children because introducing your children to music from a young age can be pretty beneficial to them.


The harmonica is one of the hardest instruments out there in my opinion. When you first look at it, you will be overwhelmed by all the buttons and the things on it. I personally think that it can’t be learned without a proper instructor, so if you plan to get a harmonica i would highly recommend you to find a harmonica teacher, so you won’t be wasting your time.

There you have it. If you don’t feel like playing a musical instrument, I recommend you find a good relaxing music playlist and listening to them for at least half an hour after you come back home from work, i can guarantee it will help!