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5 Ways You Can Make Money If You Can Play An Instrument

If you play a musical instrument, I have some great ways in which you can make money. Now the possibilities are endless, and you can turn your hobby into a profession or just a way to make some side passive income. I personally own a lot of different guitars, and since i am a fingerstyle player, i recommend you look for fingerstyle guitars too. Let’s take a look at some of the best ways.

5. Make Tutorial Videos On YouTube

Youtube is a great platform. You can upload whatever you want into it. If you are a professional guitar player, you can record some guitar playing tips & tricks and techniques and share them on YouTube. If you upload enough videos, you will eventually start getting subscribers, views and build a follower base. After you have a followers base, your views will increase and you will start making money from advertisements. That’s a great way to make some passive income. There are many different guitar playing techniques that you can master, so pick one that works for you and stick with it.

4. Make Song Cover Videos

Another great way you can use YouTube to make some extra money is to learn and play popular songs. For example, if you are a guitar player, you can do some covers of popular bands such as Metallica, System of a down and more. If you go to YouTube right now, and search for covers of your favorite song, you will see that they get millions of views. If you can play the guitar well, just record a few songs and upload them to YouTube. If they are good enough, they will start getting views and you will earn a good amount of money from ads.

3. Online Lessons

There are some great platforms on the internet which you can use to sell lessons. I always use the guitar as an example, so we’ll stick with it. Online guitar courses are very popular online, and people search for them all the time. Platforms such as Upwork & Fiverr can help you find potential students that you can sell online lessons to. You can do that over Skype or Facetime if you have an iPhone.

2. Create Your Own Music

If you are good at playing an instrument, and you have some skills in writing, then you can create your own music. There are hundreds of self-made artists that got popular by uploading their songs on YouTube and Spotify. The internet is such a powerful tool that you don’t need a record label or anything to get popular. If you are good enough, people will find you and you will eventually become very popular. That’s why, if you are good at writing and playing, you can make your own music and upload them online.

1. Create Stock Music

Another good way is to create stock music. You can sell those on websites such as AudioJungle. People buy stock music so they can use them as background music on their videos or other clips. Just go to AudioJungle and you will see that there are hundreds of different stock music songs with thousands of buyers on each of them.

I hope this article helped you get some new ideas to make money with a musical instrument. Of course, there are many different ways, and we will keep updating the list as time goes by. That’s why, make sure you check back each week for new ways!

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